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03 June 2011

The Girl in the Steel Corset by @Kady Cross---the cast of my mental movie

When I read, sometimes I like to picture actors or actresses playing the part of the character.  I don't know why, I know I'm a visual learner, so maybe it helps me understand or something....whatever...anyway, this time, I cast the majority of the characters in The Girl in the Steel Corset

Hollywood, pay attention, you saw it here first....
As Finley Jayne:  Kiera Knightley

As Emily:  Bonnie Wright 
As Griffin:  Freddie Stroma 

As Sam:  WWE star, Wade Barrett
As Jasper Renn:  Josh Lucas
As Jack Dandy:  Russell Brand
As Cordelia:  Kate Beckinsdale
As Leonardo Garibaldi / The Machinist:  Rufus Sewell
As Finley's mom, Mary:  Rachel Weisz
As Finley's stepdad:  Pierce Brosnan
As Lord Felix:  (that guy from Alice in Wonderland) Leo Bill
And there you have it, my cast of The Girl in the Steel Corset (written by Kady Cross).  Who did you cast in your mental movie?


  1. Ha! I definitely agree with you on some of these! Especially Finley, Emily and Griffen. Glad you loved the book!

  2. OMG -- you nailed Jack! lol. He is so Russell. I think these were great choices, although I saw Lord Felix as sort of an Alex Pettyfer pretty type of fellow.

  3. I had originally thought Alex Pettyfer (with that 'tude he's getting in Hollywood), but then I started thinking of what a wimp he really was to do that to girls, and did a mental recast!

    Kristina---it was great!

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