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08 February 2011

I found my "most read authors"

I was playing around on today (wait, I sense some confusion.  What is you ask?  Well, its like an online bookshelf / to be read notebook all in one!  You should definitely check it out)  Anyway, as I was saying, I was playing around on goodreads, and I found my "most read authors". 

I thought it was pretty cool, so I figured I'd share (If you want to find yours, go to "my books", and on the left hand column, there is a link that says "most read authors", just click it.)  Ok, back to me: 

author books read
1 65189 Louise Rennison 10
2 15872 Rick Riordan 8
3 1077326 J.K. Rowling 7
4 941441 Stephenie Meyer 4
4 221559 Jeff Kinney 4
6 5414 Patricia Reilly Giff 3
6 153394 Suzanne Collins 3
8 93726 Liz Kessler 2
8 85232 Jarrett J. Krosoczka 2
8 17216 Peter Lerangis 2
8 414521 Pierdomenico Baccalario 2
8 435477 Shel Silverstein 2
8 11912 Jude Watson 2
8 630 Dan Brown 2


  1. Hey cool! I didn't know about that feature. I'll have to check it out! You know, I've never read Rick Riordan!

  2. I saw someone had posted something about it on twitter (I think), so I tried to figure out how to find it. I did have to go back and add books to my "read" list because JK Rowling only had 4 listed!
    Rick is one of my new favorite authors. My boy students especially love Percy Jackson, and I just got a new one yesterday (The Red Pyramid) and it was checked out about 20 minutes after I picked it up!


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