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06 January 2011

Preview of Delirium by Lauren Oliver

You can preview the first little bit of Delirium by Lauren Oliver over on the HarperCollins website.  I did and want to go buy the book right now. 

Set in the future, scientists have discovered that love is the disease, and that to cure the disease, you have to have special surgery on your 18th birthday.  Since people have started having the surgery, there have been no wars and only minor outbreaks of crime (vandalism, etc).  It it for the good of the community.  Safety, Sanctity, Community is the motto.  If you are suspected of being a "sympathizer" (I'm guessing someone sympathetic to love?), you are shunned and eventually put on trial.

Before your surgery, you are evaluated in all areas (mentally and physically), assigned a score, which will then assign you to a college (if you are smart enough), and match you with 3-4 male candidates for marriage.

The book starts with Lena, preparing for her evaluation day.

Like I said, I'm definitely going to get this one when it comes out and read the rest!

If you are on the twitter, you can enter to win a copy here.  Also, if you are on the twitter, you can follow me.  You know you want to.

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