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20 January 2011

The one thats all about Delirium

I've posted about Delirium by Lauren Oliver before, sharing a link to a preview of the first 100 pages and giving of summary of what happened so far.  I recently received via @NetGalley and @HarperTeen the e-galley of Delirium in full. 

And the book in its entirety was awesome.  I sat in front of our computer and read all 300+ pages in about 3 hours.  I didn't get up for anything (thank goodness for a snow day!).

Here is a quick summary:  In the future, love has been found to be the disease, or root of all wars, violence and problems.  So, the government has to cure you once you reach age 18.  The government also predetermines (based on exams and interviews) what college you will go to, what you will major in, and gives you 4-5 suitable matches for you to choose from for spouse.  There are of course, dissenters and sympathizers (which is illegal and punishable by death)

At first, Lena, while not "ok" with the process, is resigned to it.  She'll do it because she has to, because she doesn't want to be the outcast.  Then she meets Alex and realizes that there is another way to live.

Teen girls will be able to see themselves in Lena.  She's not the coolest, she's not the prettiest, she just wants to be special enough for someone.  She doesn't have any choice in any aspect of her life. 

Now, I'd love to say the 18 year old Amanda (me) would have fought the government control of everything, but I'm pretty sure 18 year old Amanda would have just submitted because that's what was expected.  Of course, she'd be resentful and angry, but she wouldn't dream of saying anything.  28 year old Amanda probably would have gone down in a blaze of glory, or at least fought for love and free will/choice.  However, both can sympathize with Lena and her plight.

I really enjoyed Delirium.  I don't like the books set in the future that are all about the "zombie apocalyse" because I don't see that as realistic.  While I also don't see Delirium happening, it is, to me a closer to reality situation than zombies.

Now, here's the great part of this post!  Lauren Oliver ( is giving away 5 signed copies of Delirium!  Head over and see what you can do to enter!  As always, good luck, you're going to need it (b/c I am going to win!)


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  1. Thanks for your your thoughts on Delirium. I also got an ARC of it, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet...soon though...very soon!


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