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13 January 2011

Graphic Novels

I like graphic novels for a couple reasons:
1. They're a quick read (usually)
2.  Comprehension is largely visual, rather than based on words (great for struggling / reluctant  readers)
3.  They look cool.

(ps. If you don't know what a graphic novel is, basically, its a hard bound comic book)

I recently read three graphic novels (honestly, it probably took me 2 hours total to read all 3, if that).  One was a Nancy Drew graphic novel (which I loved---if you are a fan of the original series, this one is set in modern times, but there are a lot of throwback comments that you would appreciate).  The second was a Boxcar Children graphic novel (I didn't like that as much as the Nancy Drew, mainly because it jumped around and made me really have to follow the word part of the story close to understand everything).  The third was Twilight: The Graphic Novel.  Now, I am not a Twi-hard.  In fact, it annoys me.  However, I did enjoy the graphic novel.  It wasn't as full of the teenage angst that I loathe.  It would be more appropriate for 5th/6th graders than reading the actual series.

Now, I do have some friends who do not like graphic novels.  Because they read like a comic book, you really have to train your brain to read it like that (panel to panel) instead of how we normally read books.  But, before you make up your mind about graphic novels, try them out. 

(some other great graphic novel series are:  The Lunch Lady series  by Jarrett Krosoczka, and The Babymouse series by Jennifer and Matt Holm...I know those are both a big hit in my classroom!)


  1. I love graphic novels. They are quick reads and as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Most of the time because of the visual aspect you can get a very enjoyable reading experience in a short period of time and for younger readers it's a great start for younger readers. Some examples of that are the Shakespear novels such as Hamlet, Macbeth, and Othello which some Tweens would like to read but have a difficulty following the text. I also recommend anything from frank miller.

  2. You said it much better than I could :)


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